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Institutional Research Newsletter

Volume 6, Issue 2
January 2006

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2003-06 Research Notes

Table of Contents

University Planning and Analysis and OIR staff have been busy with several major projects for the past several months. Below are links to important additions to our Web site.

Research Notes

The Office of Institutional Research has published five new Research Notes since the summer. These include:

All Research Notes published since 1995 may be viewed at:

 Evaluation and Survey Research

OIR now offers consultation services in the areas of program evaluation and survey research. Our goal is to assist programs in creating on-going program evaluation practices to gather data on program functioning. To this end, we will advise on all phases of the evaluation process. JMU is fortunate to have use of WebSurveyor, a web-based survey delivery tool. The tool, though, is only as effective as the content. Our survey consultation provides individuals with direction on all phases of the survey process, from writing good survey questions to choosing the best data analysis approaches.

JMU Alumni Employment Surveys

The Office of Institutional Research is responsible for conducting two alumni employment surveys. The survey of 2002-03 graduates was first deployed in January 2005. The final return rate was 44 percent. Summaries of the findings will be sent to departments prior to orientation. The 2004-05 graduates are surveyed within 60 days of their graduation via email and the Web. Approximately 35 percent of the August and December 2004 graduations have completed the survey. Summary information on this survey will be available in late summer after the May graduates have been surveyed. Summaries of surveys conducted may be found at:

2005-06 Statistical Summary

The 2005-06 is progressing nicely. Most of the tables have been added for 2005-06. You are invited to look at these tables at the address below.

Performance Measures

The Office of Institutional Research maintains a database of the most important  performance measures. Continuously updated, this is a good source of important information about JMU. The database can be accessed by clicking here.

Data Warehouse

Fall 2005 census data is ready for you in the OIR Data Warehouse. Behind the link to "Preliminary Course Enrollment," you can also search on Fall 2005 and watch for Spring 2006 around the second week of February. We also added full-time equivalent student statistics to the census detail. If you have not already done so, be sure to see the other historical data available on admissions and degrees conferred. Contact us if there are any other views of this historical data that might be good to present to the JMU community. OIR Data Warehouse: