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JMU Alumni Employment and Graduate School Survey Results

Office of Institutional Research (OIR) conducts alumni surveys to learn about alumni employment and graduate school experiences. This searchable database provides this information on all JMU majors. By selecting the major of your choice, you will learn where alumni are employed, the types of salaries they earn, and what school and majors alumni pursue in their graduate studies.

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Alumni in this major are employed:

Major Graduation Year Employer Title City State
No information available, select a major.

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Alumni in this major earn:

Minimum Salary Maximum Salary
No information available.
Note: In the Alumni Employment and Graduate School Survey, The Office of Institutional Research asks alumni to report their full-time salaries.  When there are fewer than five respondents to this question, OIR does not report salary information.

Alumni in this major pursue graduate studies:

Major JMU
Graduate School Degree Degree Field City State
No information available.

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